{TS} Random Products PRO

Random Products PRO for Opencart

This extension shuffle products in 'bestsellers', 'specials', 'latest' and 

'featured' modules in random order at every page refresh.

Works with custom themes

Tested on the most popular themes:

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for Opencart 2.x.x.x
- Backup your opencart site and also database.
- Unzip the archive with extension.
- Go to: Extensions -> Extension installer ->Upload your (filename.ocmod.zip) ocmod file.
- Go to: Extensions -> Modifications -> and click REFRESH button.
- Done

for Opencart 1.5.x.x
- Backup your opencart site and also database.
- Install VQmod. If not yet installed, visit http://support.tobiknet.com/knowledgebase.php?id=644b8cbc21e3404ab00bc10b8cfdec15
- Unzip the archive with extension.
- Copy '*.xml' file to /vqmod/xml/ directory of your site.
- Done



for Opencart 2.x.x.x

- Go to: extensions - modules - lacate "Random Products" module and click Uninstall button.

- Go to: Extensions - Modifications. Select "Random Products" - and click DELETE button.

- Then click REFRESH button on same page.

for Opencart 1.5.x.x

- Delete '*.xml' file from /vqmod/xml/ directory of your site.


!!! Works with ALL custom themes.

Tested on
Opencart 1.5.5 -


Version History

- Bugfix. Compatibility with Opencart
- Added compatibility with Opencart
- Module changed to OCMOD
- Random Featured Products - Fixed bug where randomized only the first 4 products.
- Initial Release

{TS} Random Products PRO

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