Support Policy Summary

  • We provide support only for valid TobikSoft product purchases.
  • Usually warranty(support) covers 3 month from the time of item paid.
  • Guaranteed reply time is up to 48 hours within business days.We reply all tickets from oldest to newest. Please do not repost if you are not adding essential information to the opened ticket. Reposting on an unanswered ticket will reset the timer and will slow down response time.
  • We do not provide support on weekends and national holidays.
  • Our support team working hours are from 9 AM - 6 PM (M-F) at (GMT/UTC +2:00).
  • Sometimes we may need access to your FTP and web store admin.
  • We cannot guarantee that all of our modules will be out-of-the-box compatible with any other extension, theme or a customized OpenCart/Prestashop.

Support Policy
Premium Support

You are entitled to 3 month free Premium Support with the purchase of any of our products including themes, modules and email templates. The support is considered Premium, as we provide - guaranteed reply time and direct communication with the product developers.

How to Get Support?

You can get Support by accessing and open a ticket (Contact Us Button) via our online ticket support system (OrderID required). In order to guarantee short response times and ensure a guaranteed deliverability, we reckon using our ticket support system as a primary source. We strongly recommend using our ticket system as a primary tool of support and we are not to be held accountable for any not received email or longer response times, due to the choice of the latter tools of communication (comments on OpenCart extension pages).

In order to ensure shortest response times and provide fast service, we recommend you submit your storefront URL, storefront admin and provide us with temporary FTP access. After the issue, matter of the ticket, is resolved by the TobikSoft staff, you must immediately disable the temporary FTP and webstore access given.


All module or coding modifications are done to reflect the clients' current store settings and set up. If a client decides to update their module(s), OpenCart or anything else, which results in change of the current set up, we are not to be held reliable for any damages, lost features and incompatibilities. We further cannot guarantee (unless explicitly stated) that all modifications done by us will be future compatible to any new OpenCart versions or module updates. Last but not least, we reserve the right to charge again for the same modification if any of the conditions above are met.

Support Hours

We are processing support requests from 9 AM to 18 PM every business day, at GMT/UTC +2:00. Although most of the support issues are handled within 24 hours, in some complicated cases, weekends and national holidays, it could take up to 72-96 hours, depending on the instance.

General Premium Support Policy

TobikSoft Premium Support is a FREE Support channel for all customers, who have purchased any of our products listed in point 1. Any additional general OpenCart Support enquiries or support-related issues relating to third-party extensions, not developed by TobikSoft are possible, however, not included in the Premium Support package, hence will be charged. Minor modifications and customizations requests, related to our modules, themes and email templates are possible and considered, free of charge or paid, on a case-by-case basis.

Custom Development and Support

Services, such as complex customer specific customizations, general how-to OpenCart related inquiries, custom extension development, as well as bugs and improvements in third-party extensions, not developed by TobikSoft are considered a custom development, hence are subject to charge. Depending on the size of the task, each project is assigned a developer or a team of developers, who work to the specific needs of the assignment. Regular reports are posted, with the turnaround time announced prior to the acceptance of the offer. With custom development we are liable to the right of code ownership, media rights as well as the right to resell of the code included in the customization, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

We generally provide 1 month (31 days) support guarantee for all code written by us. A warranty entails an obligation to eliminate any defects in the product or work, which are due to a production fault. In other words, during the warranty period (31 days) we fix all software defects within the agreed time limit, given that the following conditions are met:

  • The issue is a bug in our code
  • The issue results from a bug in our code


Refunds will be considered, if the product fails to work or does not work as advertised, provided that it was properly installed and checked by our support department. To further guarantee customer's satisfaction or in case of obstacles, our support team, requires a limited time access to customer's store front and FTP credentials. In this way we guarantee that the product is properly installed and we are able to check if its full functionality is as described. If any of our products fails to respond to the above listed criteria and provided that our Support Team has assured that the product is not functioning, in the advertised manner, the customer is issued a refund.

Access to support

You have access to technical support when you have at least one purchase with a valid, non-expired license. If your license has expired and you need our support, you should renew your license.

Your access will be banned permanently in cases of account forgery, falsified data, abuse, offensive behavior or copyright infringement.


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